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Emotions run near the surface, dead electric wires brought to life by fear, by the unknown, by the kindness of strangers and the heartache of family, of re-learning lessons ignored, shut off or broken, while pieces of empathy, jagged and sharp, bring tears, shame, embarrassment and the all too-human connection with others you never knew you needed, never knew was the answer as you hid away silent, shy, sullen, regretting your life choices and how they were never what you thought you wanted but they changed you for the better anyway, gave you a purpose outside of nothing, as you dreamed for the things you were never going to chase no matter what you told yourself, and
What are you going to do with this knowledge, this revelation and evolution of self to put you back on the path, to find the path you wandered off of so easily, so quickly because one little, two little, three little heartbreaks twisted your way of thinking and pushed you into the darkness where love became l
:iconeremitik:Eremitik 7 38
Mature content
Helpless :iconeremitik:Eremitik 6 11
Shooting Stars and Crashing Comets
I stitched dreams
on the outside of Heaven
so I have something familiar
to look up to as my Seasons fall,
failing away, one into another,
and another,
and another
give me your thoughts
before the storm of you blows them away,
painting stars and sunsets in the colors
you can't share with anyone,
please love, tell me what it is
that bothers you so

Its how no one notices
that the toxicity of sunrise sets
our entropy into play,
so please, my dear,  remind me how the night is seldom
long enough for us to remember
what  its made of:
and forevers,
and forevers
my darling, do not be fraught,
your storm will pass, and the oceans will quiet
once more - do you ever miss the feeling,
tranquility amidst the wreckage,
divination in the wrong places, the wrong people

like the storms of tide and time
that thrash and rise,
my debris has never known the peace
of finding a full heart
who is ready to kiss away
the decaying stars of yesterday
that stretch me into fracture
:iconeremitik:Eremitik 5 6
Why Not?
I want to be your obsexsion
:iconeremitik:Eremitik 7 24
All but silenced except for the little whispers that carry
and the desire to burn bright or away,
inferno traces left as embers and charcoal smears that resemble long, lost love letters
to no one,
to everyone,
and there is no way to have seen this coming,
not yesterday,
last week,
last month,
last year,
last decade,
and will it be the last or is there one more left alive somewhere? and isn’t that the hardest part of being and dreaming and the wanting to be MORE- the not surrendering to all the little whispers that carry cant,
not good enough,
don’t deserve it now,
not ever and forever?
Oh, just fuck it all. . . .
:iconeremitik:Eremitik 8 42
Poison ivy dreams,
You’re an Itch
I cant scratch
I should have known
When I met you on
Hollywood and Vine
Rash decisions
Cant be cured
with Calamine
:iconeremitik:Eremitik 11 62
I want you to be my magician
and make me believe
in your sleight of hand
show me how abracadabra is more
than your second favorite magic word
and take my breath away
:iconeremitik:Eremitik 7 8
Uncover us slowly and make me hate
You don’t know me at all
I can twist your breath into a slip knot
Simply pull on where you end
watch you come undone
You never knew what I wanted
Until we didn’t get it
Did we,
Or didn’t we?
:iconeremitik:Eremitik 8 29
Mature content
Stresser :iconeremitik:Eremitik 8 16
Let’s play make-believe one more time
And carve our wishes in the sand-
Twenty seven lines of our hearts desires,
And thirteen and half are about sex-
The rest is about . . . . .
(how we aren’t going to grow old together)
Let’s play make-believe one more time
And hope our wishes come true in the sand-
Twenty seven minutes of finding our hearts desires,
And thirteen and half are spent trying to make you come-
The rest is about . . . . .
(the distances that didn’t close between us)
Let’s play make-believe one last time
And watch our wishes tide away with the sand
Twenty seven words of letting go our hearts desires
And thirteen and half are awkward silences
The rest is about . . . . .
(how goodbye’s always feel so final)
:iconeremitik:Eremitik 13 11
The coyotes howl,
wolf jealous canines open to the wind
as they sing to escape their trickster eyes,
and I smile, uncontented,
goose bumps a standing ovation,
but their encore is a forgotten courtesy
as the nightshade curtain falls
and my connection to the primitive
fades away and I long to be more,
to be other, than I am,
four legs strong and nose to the wind-
wolf dreams are common
to more than just the coyotes
who know how to voice their sadness
in C-minor
:iconeremitik:Eremitik 9 14
I went looking for spirits
to refill my own
but bell jars dont contain souls
unless they are on the witch doctors shelf
so I buried myself above the stars
because I once read that souls
dissolve slower in the dark
:iconeremitik:Eremitik 23 31
Mature content
Steps :iconeremitik:Eremitik 8 8
Six Feet Under
Our graves are never
to hide
the secrets we keep
from ourselves.
:iconeremitik:Eremitik 12 11
we live in circles of deception,
carousel movements of color and calliope
as we ride plastic horses
and pretend we are going
(the fastest Nowhere possible)
unable to outrun and outlive
the funhouse mirror of our perceptions
that cause us to lie to ourselves,
to our loves,
to every one
:iconeremitik:Eremitik 15 17
The BIGGEST burden:
                  Living with yourself
:iconeremitik:Eremitik 10 23

Random Favourites

There's this girl who tells me that
she's given up her life to seek truth
and I'm thinking,
"What kind of truth
would require
that you give up your life?"
    She says she's getting into Tai Chi,
Shiatzu, Tantric Yoga,
       and Transcendental Meditation.
Right on.
   Calm is necessary.
  Describes to me, in vaguely
drug-slangy rhythms:
       white lights, blue auras, pinprick
         tickles up and down her spine
           and I'm thinking,
     "Acid does that quicker and cheaper."
I know
       it's a trivialization,
but what I'm meaning is
that all she's gaining is sensations,
body highs
:iconrevscrj:revscrj 2 41
Breathing deeply stale cigarette smoke and must staring into
  and imprinting sound upon the silence.  Lust like a locomotive,
   but dangerous fuels for food, choking on the hardened phlegm of 2 packs,
no water,
       little nutrition and rent overdue
     Itching wants taunting from dark's expanse I sit motionless,
                muscles tense
      only move for cigarettes- exhale too short
     smoke sticks and I am drowning.
   Meat moving like a butcher's robotics drifts with a vicious piston
    Snort out a mound of brown disease and see my destiny in it's gelatinous
           stubborn adherence without discretion.
:iconrevscrj:revscrj 5 24
Young Girls: part I
I.  Inital Reaction
Beauties batting eyes with fist sized breasts
and full red lips. Passion
blooming up
through innocence,
  witnessing tempting things
and wanted...
anyway...  lately a spate of underage ladies
  have been taunting me and I appreciate the attention but I find myself
with the question:
   "Where were they when I was their age?"
    A: Nursing. Right. Yes. Okay. Thanks. No. Please. It only makes me feel my age.
The thought of your smooth hands at my waist
is the taste of honey confection
and allergic reaction
A fist in the midst of my depths
stretching open fingertips
through the
weave of my intestines.
Y'all teach me lessons
I'd rather not learn
as they burn a generation gap
with thunder and a derasive laugh
   that leaves me half hard,
half scarred, and largely wistfull all
  kissed by a holiness that
wholley pokes my ribs
with a ridiculous
:iconrevscrj:revscrj 5 13
Psychedelic Mushroom by revscrj Psychedelic Mushroom :iconrevscrj:revscrj 4 2 -- DD -- by yvanquinet -- DD -- :iconyvanquinet:yvanquinet 560 21
The Raging Crimson
She worked from dawn till dusk
Her back hurt, 
and sweat dripped down her skin
lining every curve in her old face.
He'll be home when it snows,
he'll be cold and she'll warm him
she'll hold him through,
the frosty wind of December
in her small, old home.
His portrait greeted her, 
right after she opened the door.
Hanging proudly, slightly tilted
on the opposite wall.
A smile filled her lips,
she touched the image, 
and pressed a kiss against his nose.
Two days later he was gone,  
another martyr of an endless war.
There was no body to bury,
only the lingering scent in his clothes
in which she bathed her wounded soul.
She wept till her eyes hurt, 
Grudge took the only person
who made her whole.
She buried his belongings at dawn, 
lined his tomb with stones, 
planted a tree where his head should be 
and on the lonely clothesline, 
she placed her country's flag
drenched in tears.
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 22 34
The first time we met,
you became a part of me,
a balance to the rhythm of my heartbeats
a reason for my laughter, my tears
my days, and my entire life.
When you're busy I feel like a mess
lost, confused against the tide of the world
and my heart beats against its will
yet I wait for the next time we get to meet.
Hours feel strange, dull
and the sun lacks the warmth
the night is darker, longer
without the moon to shine bright in its sky
and the stars grow astray.
Sometimes I feel the need to scream
to call your name out loud,
and tell you I'm still here.
My love don't forget,
I'm still waiting for the day
you'd kiss my hand and I'd blush.
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 47 55
Fingernails, Please
“Fingernails, please.”
The girl smacked her gum, fussed with her hair a little, and turned her attention back to her phone. After a few seconds she glanced up again, clearly irritated: “Well?”
“Right. Um.” Thomas suppressed the urge to look at the fingernails she was currently wearing. “Color?”
“Green. Do you have something in a sort of limey chartreuse, maybe?”
“Uh, yeah, the list's over here –” But his customer had turned her full attention back to the phone, and was clearly ignoring him. Thomas cleared his throat. “Do you want lime, or chartreuse?”
“Uh... yeah, lime. Sure.”
“Eighteen millimeters.”
Thomas winced. The long ones were always worst. “I'll be right back.”
He had 18 mm lime in stock, still in their larval stage, pale and wriggling under the blue light of the stasis chamber. He tried hard not to look at them too closely as he de
:icongdeyke:GDeyke 303 175
Chikn Dance by IzzyMedrano Chikn Dance :iconizzymedrano:IzzyMedrano 1,193 87 Batman Beyond by uncannyknack Batman Beyond :iconuncannyknack:uncannyknack 1,129 40 Double Sun by Burtn Double Sun :iconburtn:Burtn 1,699 87 Make it possible. by incredi Make it possible. :iconincredi:incredi 753 67
On preparing to never let go
Walking slowly down the hall, arms filled with the day's mail, we spoke of morbid things.
She wants to be reduced to ash and I want to know if I can keep her on my mantle.
She looks at me sideways with a curious face and forgets her footsteps.
It's a little bit morbid, she tells me, deciding it's time to continue shuffling along,
but I think the way I'm trying to picture her perfect urn is probably worse.
There's nothing that I can think of that suits her, though,
and I wonder if I even know her.
Do I scatter you somewhere? You can't visit scatter.
(I think good daughters plant guilt in the carpet pile to trip upon.)
But she doesn't trip, instead she ruminates on how appalling it'd be to divide her in fourths:
she laughs as she's divvying up her body parts for our mantles.
I tell her we'll set up a custody schedule, but only between my closest sister and me;
we're the ones that take care of her. But in reality, I'm not planning on sharing.
She tells me she wants to be in the n
:iconbeyondjen:BeyondJen 121 61
Thor by LucasTsilva Thor :iconlucastsilva:LucasTsilva 160 14 resurrection by csallai
Mature content
resurrection :iconcsallai:csallai 81 18
on turning 25
i never thought much about it until it happened.
i stood up, slipped out of 24 and shrugged on the shocking weight of 25.  
it was startling.  a quarter of a century-and what?
words on a paper on the wall, words on papers on corners of desks, words on electronic screens, words tangled through my marrow, words flying out car windows, words spoken only with my eyes, words slipping down shower drains...
words rationalizing twenty five years of moments, of memories, of challenges, of mistakes, of triumphs, of successes, of creating myself
here's the secret: even the heavier pull of aquarterofahundred isn't enough to convince me my bones are finally settled
adventure doesn't have an expiration date
and on turning 25, i looked at the difference with some trepidation but I buttoned up (what choice did I have?) and battened down
let go, toss my hands up, be brave enough to unsquint my eyes - here comes the next part of this unpredictable ride
:iconlealsfeels:lealsfeels 4 6




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